Bird And Deer – 365 Photos – #331 Times Gone ByDay 8

8 01 2009

Bird And Deer

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

My father’s Uncle Joe used to paint these ceramic figurines in the Rutland State Hospital where he lived. He was in a wheelchair because he had lost his legs. We would go to visit him on Sunday afternoons. He used to give the figurines to us when we went to see him. I don’t know what happened to the other pieces but I am glad that I have these. He painted his initials on the bottom when there was space.

I took this outside on the porch railing. Our decorative grass is ready to be trimmed back. But the brown fluffy plumes look okay against the railing.




7 responses

9 01 2009

True, as time goes by all we have left are the memories. Thanks for sharing your figurines and story. The photo is beautiful.

8 01 2009

Thanks for sharing your memories… And for preserving them in a photograph.

8 01 2009

it’s so nice when you can look at an object and get so many memories from it

8 01 2009

Bittersweet, but beautiful

8 01 2009

These are real treasures. I like the grass and the angle of the shot, too.

8 01 2009

I am doing my family tree, so I took pictures of these to include on my Uncle’s page. I am going to do a book. I am using to do the research and they have a publish option that isn’t too bad to use.

8 01 2009

What a memory to hold on to – I am sure these are very special to you! Neat thought, neat image!

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