Day 31 365 Photos Theme #69 Crossroads

31 01 2009

Wake Crossroads

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This sign is down the road from our house at the intersection of 2 roads that evidently are Wake Crossroads. Not sure the history of this. Wake is the County we live in. County Government is real down here, unlike back in Massachusetts (it took me awhile to tell them at the DMV here what County I was born in 🙂 even though it is the same name as the City).


Day 30 365 Photos Theme #259 Repeating Pattern

30 01 2009

Quilt Patterns

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This is part of the wall of patterns at the quilt shop. Lots of patterns…

Day 29 365 Photos Theme #237 Polka Dots

30 01 2009

Polka Dot Fabric

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More bolts of fabric from the quilt shop. Polka dots are popular in fabric now and I like the bright colors.

Day 28 365 Photos Theme #213 Orange

30 01 2009

Orange Fabric With Plastic Photoshop Filter

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Orange Fabric With Plastic Photoshop Filter. Went to the quilt shop today and took some pictures of the fabric (and didn’t buy any). I used the plastic filter on these bolts and it looks pretty cool.

Dead Hard Drive

28 01 2009

So, after starting to rebuild a new disk, it died last night. And DH couldn’t get it to boot at all. Luckily I had only installed a few things and I have all my data on other drives and I do backups. So, may be a few days till I get caught up again.

I am resting up cause we have tickets for Dancing With the Stars tonight. Hope we have good seats. They had buy one get one free tickets. So, they must have not been selling that well.

Day 27 365 Photos Theme #243 Public Art

27 01 2009

Blue Red Wolf of Raleigh

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I decided to use this theme even though this fit in several others. This statue depicts a Red Wolf, which is one of the endangered animals in NC. It was part of the Red Wolf Ramble held throughout Raleigh in 2001-2002.

Here is the full view:

The city of Omaha had JDoe as their theme. There have been cows, horses, pigs, and other themes in many cities.

Day 26 365 Photos Theme #365 Yellow

27 01 2009

Something Yellow – Who Am I?

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I took this myself while waiting for the Anesthesiologist to come in and ask me questions. I had my preop for my gallbladder surgery next week. I asked if I could just keep the thing on till next week 🙂 but they said they would have to put on a new one. I said I was just kidding.